Join me with your children age 0-5 to play, sing, dance, jam, and learn how Music Together supports your children's development through music. Studies are showing that the most crucial time for your children's brain development is during their first years of life. Do not miss on this opportunity to support your child's growth and evelopment. Music learning in early childhood is the golden ticket to giving your child the best foundatin for all future learning. Do not forget to invite your frineds with children. Must RSVP by texting/calling (570)778-6413.

Sep. 8, Fri. @10:00 AM, Whole Life Center for Health, Drums

Sep. 11, Mon. 10:00 AM, Tamaqua Community Art Center, Tamaqua

Sep. 11, Monday, 6:00 pm, Christ United Methodist Church

Sep. 13, Wed. 6:00 pm, Eurana indoor pavilion