Class Descriptions

To address developmental needs of our little students, we offer differnet types of classes.

Mix Age Family Classes

These classes are 45 minute long and include 6-12 children from newborn through kindergarten, with parent or caregiver who actively participate with the child in musical activities. 10-12 songs are recycled per class with CD used only 2-3 times. All families recieve materials to take home to extend and re-enforce music learning during the week with other family members.

The mixed-age format is not only educationally sound but creates a family-like atmosphere where siblings can attend class together. Older children learn from being in a leadership role, while younger children benefit from the example of the older child. Children of the same age are not necessarily in the same stage of music development. A mixed-age format enables them to participate freely and experience the music at their own level of complexity, without being burdened by age-specific expectations. Recognizing the growing competence of  children three and up and incorporating their leadership and social skills into our classes, helps to keep children focused and interested until they are ready for Big Kids classes.   

Generations Classes

In Music Together Generations classes, children and families foster meaningful musical relationships across the ages, as “Musical Grandfriends” join the music-making circle. Expanding the class community in this way enriches the experience for all participants and makes these classes some of the most satisfying to teach. We do everything the same way as in Family Classes, same lesson structure, same activities, but we just add Grandfriends to our musical community!

Babies Class

The adult-infant interactions in this particular class are grounded in the understanding of the developmental benefits of visual, auditory, and tactile connections. At birth, there is an overproduction of brain neurons and synapses and early exposure to music and movement stimulates the whole brain activity. In our carefully designed and planned lessons, a caregiver and an infant engage in dynamic music-making creating a sensory input that supports language production areas (Broca and Wernicke) and triggers the thalamus-to-cortex connections that processes information. To say it simple, when loved ones interact with infants to music that is rich and varied in tonality and meter helps your child grow maturity for the next stage development. Moreover, these positive, sensitive, responsive, and loving interactions lead to healthy attachment relationships and special bonding that is so important during the first stage of development Trust vs. Mistrust.

Parents with infants registered for Babies Class, are offered a one-semester introduction to Music Together, after which babies will attend Mixed Age classes. The music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. Meet other parents of newborns and learn some fascinating music activities you can recreate at home with your baby.

Rhythm Kids Level 1

Rhythm Kids® is our new music, movement, and drumming program that helps children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth to age 8. Rhythm Kids is segmented into two classes, Level 1 is for children ages 4–5, and Level 2 for children in K-2 grades.

Rhythm Kids® Level 1 is the next musical step for your preschool child (ages 4–5) with a parent or caregiver. Each week we drum, sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. Rhythm Kids Level 1 guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative, as they:

  • make up their own drumming patterns;
  • invent new ways to play rhythm instruments (shakers, sticks, etc.);
  • create movement ideas for songs;
  • and even take a drum solo


Rhythm Kids Level 2

Rhythm Kids™ Level 2 is an exciting music, movement, and drumming class for your school child K-2 where a parents are not required to be. Children will integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives, as they:

  • learn multicultural drumming patterns;
  • develop new repertoire on various percussion instruments;
  • explore movement and dance while singing songs;
  • play games based on music and drumming;
  •  have fun with a host of rhythm activities.
Rhythm Kids

This class is a tryout class where children age 4-8 years old come together to experience rhythms, songs and plays as a preview for for the semester classes.