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"I just wanted to tell you about what happened the other day after the class! [My baby] is learning and it makes me beyond happy. He pulled me into the kitchen and had me give him two spoons, he then pulled me into the living room and he got out a few of his toys. After he had things where he wanted them he started drumming on everything! He was walking all over the room seeing how the spoons sounded on different surfaces. The smile on his face was priceless! I am so thankful for this class and for you. Hopefully this is the beginning of him talking! Thank you so much!" Sara


"The Music Together class is one of the greatest activities that Vera and I became a part of. I love that whenever I start to sing one of the songs, Vera stops what she is doing and looks at me in awe and gets a big smile on her face. She even recently started clapping to music when songs are played and when we sing. I cannot express how she thoroughly enjoys listening to these songs and what a great bonding experience it has been for our family! As you stated, I believe that impact [of music] goes far beyond just singing, she is learning so much about rhythm/movement and our language in a very magical and fun way! The songs also serve as a calming tool! I can't thank you enough for introducing us to your class!" Laura


"Dylan really enjoys the music!  He often is singing the Bop bop bop bop. He really enjoys doing that. My [older] daughter and I take turns making our own rhythms and echo them. He likes singing along with us. He also likes using the sticks in class and has been using our drum sticks and pencils to drum and beat. We are looking forward to dancing and singing with you on Monday." Erin


Marina is AMAZING! I was impressed by her patience/understanding with my daughter. Our trial class was lively and FUN. Marina was well prepared and kept things dynamic for children's short attention span. The atmosphere was very positive. It was a great learning environment!" Christi