Our Teachers

Marina Kuchar is an experienced Elementary School teacher and Music teacher. She loves to share her passion for music, education, and her love for children with families helping them raise their musical kids. Music supports all learning for children. Join us today!


Marina Kuchar

Experienced and fully certified Level II Elementary School teacher has a Master's degree in Elementary education and Music. Previously worked as an Elementary school teacher and an ESL teacher in Elementary/Middle schools. She worked as an ESL instructor at the Lehigh Carbon Community College in PA. Also, she was an instructor at Penn State University teaching the course "Music to Classroom Teachers". Marina has a broad experience working within the education structure and with culturally diverse students. She speaks, reads, writes, and sings in three languages, English, Ukrainian, and Russian. When she had her last child, Marina wanted to have engaging, fun, and interactive classes for the young baby. When she discovered Music Together, she was fascinated with the idea of creating these classes in her small community.

"I love teaching Music Together because it incorporates all I have to offer as human being - my love for children, my passion for music, my knowledge as a professional educator, my motherhood, my faith, and my service to the community. Like a mirror, Music Together reflects me and I reflect Music Together. I am very happy that I can share all of it with the community scooping the holy grail of our society - the mother and the child - and giving them the greatest gift, the love of music." Marina Kuchar, Tree Of Life Music Together center director.